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Hello November!


This month's theme is Feeling Bookish


bookish [book-ish]


  • given or devoted to reading or study.
  • more acquainted with books than with real life.
  • of or relating to books; literary.


Books can be some of our most cherished friends and best escapes. They teach us, inspire us, and give us a reason to cozy up with a blanket and warm mug and forget the world for awhile. 


Your Soul Care Creatives Club digital magazine includes:


  • Coordinating sticker, paper, and art print sheets featuring Mandy's hand drawn illustrations
  • Bookish printables including bookmarks and reading trackers
  • Bookish quote photo prints
  • Journaling prompts & printable journaling sheet
  • Custom playlist 
  • Links to crafty projects and more bookish things!


All content by Mandy Ford Art & Illustration ©2022

*The purchase of this product does not transfer reproduction rights, and artwork may not be copied or reproduced except for personal use. The file or copies of the file may not be sold, and the images may not be altered or used for commercial use in any way. It is a violation of digital copyright laws to share or email a copy of this file.

Thanks for your respectful use of this product and enjoy!

November 2022 Soul Care Creatives Club

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