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This kit coordinates with Mandy's Soul Care Vision Board Workshop. You can purchase the workshop here:


Take time to reconnect with your soul through creativity!


*This is a limited edition kit and only a small quantity is available. Some items in the kit vary (listed below). Mandy will use her intuition to choose the perfect kit for you. 


Kit includes:

  • 8x10 piece of thick cardstock
  • photo frame
  • 2 pair of hand drawn wings
  • Set of wordfetti
  • Set of 4 washi tape designs
  • Hand cut woodgrain scallops + heart
  • Magazine bits hand picked by Mandy (varies by kit)
  • 2 pieces of patterned paper hand picked by Mandy (varies by kit)
  • Buttons + other fun bits (varies by kit)
  • Piece of citrine for creative clarity




©Mandy Ford Art & Illustration

*The purchase of this product does not transfer reproduction rights, and artwork may not be copied or reproduced except for personal use. The file or copies of the file may not be sold, and the images may not be altered or used for commercial use in any way. It is a violation of digital copyright laws to share or email a copy of this file.

Thanks for your respectful use of this product and enjoy!

Add-On Kit | Soul Care Vision Board Workshop Kit

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