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Looking back on 2023

2023 was a year full of so many good things and at the same time it was also exhausting.

I look back on what I created and put out into the world and honestly I’m amazed because this past year was so very hard. It was a confusing and exhausting dichotomy to walk through. Feast + famine all at the same time.

It is challenging to even recap the year because my feelings are so all over the place, but creating this collage of highlights showed me just how wonderful the feast of this past year was.

I was able to experience so many first + fun products in 2023…my book launch, new stamp sets with Studio Calico, my acrylic charm collection, my You’ve Got Mail collection (my best seller yet which makes my heart so happy!), and I created some super fun new printable collections including Spooky Season and Messy + Magical.

I was also published again in Spirituality & Health Magazine with art from my book which was so darn exciting.

And not pictured here but such a joy…I taught two in person creative classes after such a long break and it brought me a huge amount of encouragement and just made me so darn happy to connect creatively in person like that again.

I create art to share hope and encouragement but this past year more than possibly any others, it gave ME hope and kept me going. I am so thankful to have this creative outlet and to have all of you to share it with. Making art and connecting with you are two of my greatest joys.

Thank you for continuing to come along with me on this art journey friends!

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22 sty

Congratulations on your accomplishments! AND getting thru a hard year.

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