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Sitting with Uncertainty

When something happens that tears you away from one of your comfort zones, it can be scary to move through life outside of what made you feel safe.

We were in a car accident on December 29th. Thankfully we are all OK physically, but mentally it has been rough for my husband and myself.

Sitting with uncertainty is really freaking hard, isn't it?

For me the past few weeks, that has meant worrying about my husband’s health, not having the car I’ve been driving for the past ten years (I’m seriously grieving that car), being unsure about our finances, and not feeling safe on the road which can leave you feeling trapped and frustrated.

I have been listening to a meditation by Jonathan Martin for the past few weeks. It has brought me peace and helped me to know I can be at home wherever I am, and that God is on the inside with me, wherever I happen to be.

His words inspired this artwork, and I hope it helps you find comfort as well if you are in a season where you feel uncomfortable and far away from home, physically or mentally.

I have a few things that are helping me right now in this place of uncertainty,

and I thought they might help you too...


Here is the link to the meditation I mentioned above. It is around 6 minutes and worth every second. I have been listening to it almost every morning, and it is helping me find my center and return to a place of compassion for myself.

This Book

I purchased this book a few months ago, started to read it, and it just didn't click. But now it is feeling like my lifeline.

You never know when you are going to need a book. I'm glad I held onto this one!


I have totally reached old lady status on this one, but I'm in love with watching fireplaces on my television. This is my favorite one, but you can also find lots of others on YouTube and Netflix. It is so calming. I've also been watching it on my second monitor at work while using a mix of oils in my diffuser that smell like a campfire. Seriously the best!

Etsy and Pinterest

Sometimes you just need to take a break to look at beautiful things. For me lately that has been on Pinterest and Etsy. I've started a few new Pinterest boards around things that are bringing me joy, like the southwest and manifesting (my word for 2020).

I fell down a lovely rabbit hole this morning looking at wooden beaded garlands on Etsy and found these pretty things that I didn't know existed, but now I want to hang them on everything.

Simple, yet joy-filled.

More of those two things, please.

Sending love your way today,


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