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Sticker Packs in the Shop!

Have you discovered the magic of stickers?

My love goes way back to probably 1983-ish?

The fact that I have a shop selling stickers with my art on them would make 5-year-old Mandy FREAK OUT! Ha!

The best part is seeing them out in the world adding a dose of happy to your life.

So with that in mind I decided to put together some hugely discounted stickers packs for you!

Each pack includes 10 unique vinyl stickers from my shop (no duplicates!) + I've thrown in an exclusive 4x6 print that's never been in my shop!

My stickers retail for $4 each and these packs bring them down to $2 plus free shipping. The perfect time to stock up!

A few fun facts about my stickers:

*They are vinyl which means they are waterproof!

*They are 3 inches = the perfect size to make a big statement

*They make a great addition to your notebook, water cup, mug, laptop, iPad cover etc.

*They make a great encouraging gift for a friend, family member or even a stranger

Wishing you an awesome day!


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